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No other heat sealing technology gives product designers the freedom to leverage the advancements now being made in thermopolymer science.


As a leading innovator in heat sealing technology, Trlby is uniquely positioned to leverage the innovations in materials science being driven by flexible packaging.

Trlby and Sustainability



Trlby has customers in the medical, pharmaceutical, food/beverage, consumer goods and other markets. We’re experiencing rapidly increasing demand for our impulse heat sealing technologies as companies strive to adopt more sustainable practices.


Trlby Heat Sealing saves energy, reduces process times and provides the highest quality seals in all thermoplastics, including the newest bioplastics.  No sacrificial layers, buffers or coatings are required.


Eco-Friendly Materials

More Efficient Process

Innovative Design



65 New Litchfield Street

Torrington, CT 06790



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